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Generative Artificial Intelligence (genAI) provides opportunities to ethically and effectively advance our institutional mission. USF is committed to actively engaging with this rapidly developing technology to maximize these opportunities.

This webpage provides a central hub for information, resources, news and events related to genAI across the university. Updates will be provided as tools and guidelines continue to evolve.

Upcoming Events

  • Join with colleagues from across USF in this monthly workshop series exploring innovative and timely approaches to learning and teaching. Sessions are held via Microsoft Teams.

    Visit CITL First Friday Series for more information and registration links. 

  • In this fully online, self-paced workshop dedicated to the practical application of GenAI, faculty participants explore a series of GenAI use cases, interact with peers, gain hands-on experience with GenAI platforms in the context of teaching and learning, and ultimately construct their own GenAI course enhancement plan. Tailored exclusively for faculty members at USF.

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  • Virtual workshops featuring AI tools supporting the research endeavors of USF researchers across disciplines.