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Gen AI at USF

Generative AI at USF

At USF, we want to empower our workforce to modernize their roles by continuously cultivating new knowledge and skills to align with evolving demands. 

This section provides guidelines for the ethical use of AI, news about how USF is using genAI in teaching, research and daily work, as well as information about upcoming events. 

We invite you to explore this section and learn more about the exciting work being done with genAI at USF.

Submit Your USF genAI Story or Event

Do you have an event, story, or another item related to genAI at USF that you would like to share on the website? Please follow the link below to fill out a form with the relevant details and we will get back to you shortly. Website Submission Form
This website includes select elements, including graphics, form submission workflow and alt text recommendations developed using genAI.